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Customer Testimonial's

Dear Glenn -


Thank you for your help in starting up the inverter drive last week. It  is comforting to know that you ( and the staff ) are knowledgeable and patient  and WILLING to help.Our company prides itself on customer service and it is a welcome relief to find a company ( yours) that is so helpful.


We have recently begun doing business with your company and I look forward to a long lasting relationship.

Best regards,





Kyle -

I am very happy with the way you handled our emergency last week.

It was the first time I had called Power and Control but it wont be the last.

Your communication as to what was happening with my order and the the fact that you "Got It" was very reassuring. 
I was in trouble and I needed help in a hurry. The product was here as promised and the project was finished over the weekend. Everyone involved is very pleased with the way things came together.Thanks again for your response and professionalism.


Monty Hollie
Royal Whsle. Electric
Cedar City,UT     



Glenn and team there at P&C:

               First, let me thank you for when I call that a human answers. I want to let you guys know how much we here in San Antonio appreciate P&C’s attention to service. We are on a critical site and aim for a zero down time and your response to all of my needs have been above and beyond expectations. I know for a fact that you have sat at a lunch table and took the time to come to my aid and your knowledge of product and analysis have been on target every time.
                I want to thank you and the group there for all you have done for us here on our site.
 Thanks a lot,





"Power and Controls has been a great source of quality electrical equipment for our facility. We have relied on them to supply us with Yaskawa VFD’s and Saf softstarts. Also has been very helpful in supplying electric motors as well as other electrical components such as starters and such. Their support and start up help has been second to none for us. I would highly recommend Power and Controls to anyone looking for friendly helpful support and quality products."

~Andy Hanson



"Power and Control Inc. of Medford, did lighting retrofit work on eight of our Commercial buildings located on Crater Lake Ave. Medford Or.
They did a very professional job and addressed all of our needs on a timely basis. They helped secure all documents from the Oregon Savings and Energy Trust of Oregon.
They assisted with obtaining our Final Certificate on the Business Energy Tax credit.
We were very pleased with all the service that they provided and would not hesitate to hire them again."
~Charles Pickett



"My name is William (BILL) Doty I have been an electrician for over 40 years and I have had the pleasure of working with Glenn Woodbury and Power and Controles since it's conception. I have to say I have never worked with any individual and/or company that always places their clients and their demands as their number one priority. Glenn and his crew are always willing to help a customer find a solution to a problem and how to do a job and save money while doing it, even if it means loosing a sale. Their integrety and reliability is unmatched. Without any hesitation or second thought I would recommend Glenn and Power and Control to anyone, for any job, big or small."


~Bill Doty



"Power & Control, Inc. has proved to be a valuable business partner for almost 2 decades. Glenn in particular has that “can do” attitude that I as a buyer for Timber Products Co. truly appreciate. His rapport and expertise working with our maintenance departments, electrical managers in particular is outstanding."


~Mitch Selby



"Thank you so much for your high level support with the setup of our 300hp F7 Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drive.

Yaskawa Drives are our preferred drive. Their performance, durability, longevity, and functionality have set the standard here at the Medford, Oregon Plants and is what makes Yaskawa our preferred choice of Variable Frequency Inverter Technology.

Functionality of the Yaskawa Drive has constantly improved, however the menu options and operator interfaces have evolved to incorporate new functionality without losing the original programming methodology. Some of our drives have performed with over twenty years of service so it is important to be able to program today’s drives as well as to still be able to set parameters and modify our older drives without having to learn, or relearn a different parameter set or methodology.


Glenn, over the years you have been a great resource for all of our electrical needs and have come through time after time with service both before and after the sale. That is why we depend on you and Power and Control for much of our electrical needs. You and your company are on the cutting edge of technology and head and shoulders above the rest in Southern Oregon."


~Dan E. Webb



"Again, I must thank you for your assistance in resolving our issue. Once again, being knee deep in alligators, you come to the rescue by making my problem your problem and seeing it through to resolution . Due to your assistance we were able to get the machine up and running and met dead line and chased away the gators. Again, we thank you for your time and patience."


~Dan Sanders



"Thank you for your tech support.  You solved the problem I have been having for months now.  I wish I knew of your company when this problem began.  I had two different companies come in and troubleshoot the problem and both were unsuccessful.  With one phone call to you, the problem was resolved at no cost to me.  It saved me $3000.00.  Your customer tech support is outstanding.  Thank You."


~Chris DePaul



"I have used Power and Control for my Electrical needs for over 25 years. I have had exceptional service backed with great pricing. The reason for sending a testimonial today is that when I contacted Glenn at Power and Control about a lumber stacker issue I was having, he suggested a new V1000 Yaskawa VFD with heavy duty dynamic braking to replace the old mag starter and mechanical brake. Not only did he come to the jobsite to help with with the wiring but he tuned the VFD to perfection in just minutes. We were able to remove our Warner mechanical brake (very high maimtenance unit), position the trays electronically with the VFD to perfection on every cycle and, we have achieved at least 30% higher production than ever before.

Thank you Power and Control for making us a ton of money!"


~Don Barry



"I have worked with Power and Control for over 15 years. During that time I have found them to offer the best service I have ever experienced and the lowest cost on all Electrical and Control products my plant required.”


~Scott Meskimen



"I have worked closely with Glenn @ Power And Control, Inc. for over 30 years. He personally has opend the store on weekends and holidays more times than I can remember. When it comes to understanding Industrial Manufacturing, no one does it better! Power And Control, Inc. is well stocked and very well staffed. You will "NOT" find a better supplier in the USA! I highly recommend them for all of your Electrical and Control Equipment."


~Scott Fuller



"It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Glenn Woodbury, owner and operator of Power And Control, Inc. in Medford, OR. PAC has worked hand in hand with our company for the past six years to provide us with excellent sales and service. PAC is one of our suppliers that will do what ever it takes to meet our needs. This is the type of support that we look for from our suppliers. PAC is one of the assets our company has valued for the past twenty-six years. An example, during the past two years, PAC has helped us select the best VFD on the market. They supported us with prompt service and in house traning from professional factory trained engineers. As a result from our investment in this equipment, we have increased the grade of our finished product and decreased down time. PAC has contributed to our ranking as a world supplier of MDF. As the market continues to become more competitive, we look forward to continuing our relationship with PAC."





"Power and Control has “Always” been there for me.  Glenn was the first in the valley to study computers and work flow automation.  He's the BEST I've ever seen at having the answers when there are questions.  When it comes to pricing, Glenn keeps his pencil plenty sharp.  His staff is top notch and follow up to make sure a ticket is closed out and completed."

Kevin W. Pickett



"As a long time costumer of power and controls and supervising electrician of  providence Medford medical center I would highly recommend them for any of your electrical needs , they go over and above the call when needed"


~Chris Moore