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Wiring Devices By Meltric

meltric wiring devices


Meltric's Decontactor Series products are a combination electrical plug and receptacle and disconnect switch in the same device. Decontactors are designed to allow users to safely make and break connections under full load even in overload and short circuit conditions. Protection from exposure to live parts and arc flash is ensured at all times during the operation of the device.


plug interlock switch


DSN Series:


dsn series plug

Choose the DSN Series for its...

• Compact, lightweight design
• Automatic NEMA 4X watertightness


Common Applications:

• Wet or washdown environments
• Plug & play electrical connections


DS Series:


ds series plug and receptacle

Choose the DS Series for its...

• High amperage range (up to 200A)
• Metal casing materials (60A and above)
• Larger conductor capacities


Common Applications:

• Heavy industry
• High amperage equipment


DB Series:

db plug and receptacle

Choose the DB series for its...

• High HP ratings (up to 60 hp)
• Robust, heavy duty construction
• Quick Make/Quick Break Mechanism


Common Applications:

• Motors with frequent make and
break requirements
• Harsh environments