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Smart SoftPLC


Smart SoftPLC's are appropriate for applications ranging from small, low I/O count needs to large, distributed control systems. All Smart SoftPLC's have an embedded ethernet switch (w/ fiber option), 5 serial ports, embedded phone modem option, and a wide choice of I/O interfaces to SoftPLC's Tealware I/O, hundreds of other vendor I/O products via Ethernet and/or serial, or industrial bus interfaces such as Profibus, DeviceNet, etc.

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SoftPLC in Tealware


SoftPLC In Tealware™ is an advanced, traditional hardware format controller system. Products include compact rack-mounted components such as CPU's, power supplies, and I/O modules. CPU bases can accommodate from 4 to 8 I/O modules, and both local and remote I/O expansion capabilities allow a single CPU to control up to 16,384 I/O points. SoftPLC In Tealware also supports redundant, hot-standby operation.

soft plc processor

Hardbook Processors


Hardbook CPUs are compact, low-cost controllers that can handle most applications. Hardbooks are ideal for ethernet I/O applications, whether Tealware I/O or another vendor's I/O is used. Via included ports and expansion slots, the Hardbooks support a wide range of I/O serial devices and third-party products.

soft plc processor

SoftPLC Processors


SoftPLC Processors™ are CPU's that are available with a wide variety of expansion options. There is virtually no limit as to system capacity or possible configurations.

EASY CONVERSION FROM AB MicroLogix If you have an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, SLC-500, PLC-5, PLC-2 or PLC-3 system, you can convert your existing logic and documentation to run in a SoftPLC, saving you untold re-engineering costs! If you are working on a system upgrade, you can most likely keep using the same I/O, communication network, and HMI/SCADA/DCS system as well.
soft plc HMI SoftPLC Corporation provides a wide range of PC-based operator interface terminals, low cost, yet feature-packed.
scada hmi software SoftPLC Web Studio is a powerful supervisory data acquisition and control software that includes all the building blocks for even the largest systems, yet is priced for small, operator interface (HMI) applications. The same development software can be used to create applications for any of our HMI's or to run on your own Windows/WinCE-based system.


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